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Activities we cover

We work with a professional drive and a sense of fun too!

We are able to provide a set of simple steps that can be of benefit to a business every day.

Across many Manufacturing businesses, both large and small and in roles from Production Engineering and front-line Supervision, through to Major Procurement activities and General Business Management.

Activities we cover – Small World Associates

Day to Day Working Enhancements

We are able to provide a set of easy and simple steps and practices that can be of benefit to a business every day, which require minimum effort to implement for the maximum benefit.

Simple Planning Methods

Getting people to work together

Making basic administration work for you, not hold you up (working practices, absence management, appraisals, flexible working, grading systems, Unions

Monitoring performance (including KPIs)

Getting your message across to your team

Continuous Improvement Programmes

We are able to provide and support the implementation of well-established and industry-standard practices (often described as ‘Lean’), which act as the building blocks of business continuous improvement activities.

Housekeeping and Visual Control

Waste Identification and Elimination (Lean Manufacture and Lean Supply)

Managing Layout and Improving Flow

Standardising Working methods

Cost and Efficiency Activities

Taking unnecessary cost out of an operation to improve its efficiency is a key business requirement which we are able to support through a number of applicable methods and programmes.

Process Mapping of bottleneck operations

Time and Motion Timings and Studies

Purchased Part and Supply Chain Improvements and Cost Reductions

Stock Accuracy and Control

Business Robustness

Ensuring a business, its operations and its supply chain are robust in the face of the risks from today’s world and that has the right contingency plans to implement, is a key set of activities we are able to lead and deliver.

Business Continuity Plans

Supplier Dependency and Risk

Risk Assessments

Production and Capacity Planning

Procedures and Documentation

Businesses and operations always requires procedures and documentation and we are able to support their creation and development to meet industry standards and be something used every day.

Developing Processes, Documents and Systems to meet standards

Developing documents to control processes and systems

Mentoring, Training and Development

We are able to support your staff development, motivation and engagement, through the implementation of best-practice methods. Direct training of Supervisors and Management is a particular specialism we can provide.

Coach and develop new Supervisors and Managers

Motivating and engaging staff and working on those who cannot

Own Supervisory Training Programme

Working with external providers

Strategy Development

We can assist with the developing of overall Business and Operations Strategies and then how to implement and cascade these through an Organisation – right down to individual employee objectives as required.

Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies

Supplier Development

Production and Operations

Overall Business Strategies

Aligning Goals by Department and across the Business

Development and Facilitation Sessions

Interim Management and Short-Term Cover

We are able to cover your Operational and other Business Functions if you are in-between appointments or for extended leave situations.

Simple, Practical Solutions for your Business and Operations Problems

I have nearly 30 years of relevant experience in making businesses and their operations function better from working both inside and with them.