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What we do

We help you to be able to help yourself as a business

Our knowledge extends to many business activities any industry sector

We strive to provide just the right business knowledge you need to go forward.

Areas we cover – Small World Associates

Industries we cover

These skills are transferable to other industries in both an Office and Factory situation.

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises

Having worked in both Small and Medium sized businesses for many years, we do understand the constant pressures involved and can support the need for greater individual responsibility and ownership.


Our experience extends into components, system and service Supply to both Rail Product and Systems providers, as well as services for Train Operating Companies.

Defence and Security

We have knowledge and experience in supplying the UK Defence sector across a number of different Operations and to their particular regulations and guidelines. More recently we have worked in and supported the UK and Overseas Security product market.


We understand and have applied the standards and procedures required to supply goods and services to both the Nuclear new-build and decommissioning industries, in the UK and beyond.


Our Aerospace experience comes from the supply of goods and services to multiple Aerospace businesses, both in the UK and US and to the required regulatory and quality standards.


We have extensive experience in this sector and its requirements at all business Tier levels. The includes detailed knowledge and application of the continuous improvement programmes that it has lead the way with over the last 30 years.

General Industrial

Many of our experiences and knowledge cross into this more general sector, where the standards and requirements are no-less rigorous.

Order Fulfilment

We have recently obtained best-practice knowledge and experience in supporting the Operational elements for growing on-line order fulfilment industry.

Simple, Practical Solutions for your Business and Operations Problems

I have nearly 30 years of relevant experience in making businesses and their operations function better from working both inside and with them.